"Happy 'White People's Independence' Day" - Chris Rock

I'm sorry but this is hilarious to me. 

Comedian Chris Rock called July 4th "White People's Independence day" and then followed that up with "the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed the fireworks". Supposedly, "non-minorities" have been in an uproar ever since... According to the article, there were even cases where people were saying that racism exist because people keep bringing it up... I wanted to dismiss it as a random (because twitter is very random) but then I say it again... in a completely unrelated incident; on a completely different site.  I saw the following quote:

This was in reference to a Carl Crawford responding to a heckler who yelled racist remarks.  So it his fault he heard racist remarks?! Yeah...

The original article pulled the same "Its your fault you see this because you look for it" angle with Chris Rock. We all know Chris Rock isn't a racist. This wasn't reverse racism; it was a comedic spin on the TRUTH. Majority of the black people brought over into this nation weren't freed on the 4th of July... It was a LONG time before Juneteenth happened. And even after it did, we still had to lock arms for years after and sing "We shall overcome". I have no more words for this.

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