Extreme Life Logging

This is awesome.... and scary.  I don't really like the idea of life logging.  Why, you ask? Because sometimes the story is better than the real thing.  Example:  That one boring house party you went to.  This house party wasn't anything like the movies... but the stories are awesome.  You go there... people get drunk...  somebody starts fighting over something dumb... you go home.  The next day you see stuff on twitter about how awesome of a time somebody who was at the same party had, how they cant feel their legs and how they don't remember everything but they remember that they had an absolute BLAST!

And you ask yourself: Self?

Yourself says: Huh?

And you reply: Were we at the same party as "such and such"? Because the last I remember we sat on the couch the whole night with the one "not all that cute" girl watching the purses who was trying to give you rhythm while all of her cute friends danced with each other and some corny guys wearing jeans with church shoes and too small polo shirts joked around with alcohol in their hands while looking from a distance and saying "shawty bad".  At the same time, somebody decides to bring "sand to the beach" in a whore's attire, gets mad cause a random fella tried to holler at her and she aint shut the new guy down, which causes a war of words over "disrespect" - eventually leading to a fight.  Party over.

Everybody has lived a similar scenario at least once.  To some people, that's EVERY time they go out. And they relive the 5 minutes leading up to the fight like it was Pacchiao vs Mayweather, when in actuality it was just two 5 foot 5 guys fighting over an "averagely regular" girl who, deep down inside, probably doesn't want either of them because 4 other dudes told her she was the baddest girl in the establishment that night, which made her feel like she could shoot for the stars.

But the story is great.  The story is funny.  The story has great new details (some that might not even have really happened). According to the story, it wasn't an ugly girl in the building, all your favorite songs came on, the fight was a better fight than when Tyson bit Holyfield's ear off, and, over all, you experienced the best night of your life... Hands down.

This is why I love the story.

This extreme life logging will end that. Everyone will see for themselves what happened.  And while the truth is great, the story is often greater.  That's just my opinion though.

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