Pharrell Williams - ARTST TLK

This is what I like to see: people sitting in a room with one another that probably, under normal circumstances, wouldn't sit in the same room.  Pharrell Williams is interviewing people on a show called Artst Tlk on a network called the Reserve Channel, which is in itself cool because it gives a people who wouldn't normally have talk/TV shows the opportunity to have a TV show.  Pharrell sits with two guess each episode and they dialog about their ideas, their work, what motivated them to get started, what keeps them going, and the philosophies behind their ideals.  Insight into other great people's lives is always amazing... but this is the type of amazing we need. Not just the random and/or ignorance that reality TV plays up; we also need insight into the intellectual and artistic side of people's minds as well.  I like what Pharrell is doing. Check out one of the videos after the jump and enjoy.

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