The Romney Supporter

In the spirit of all this election stuff, a video has been brought to my attention... This was posted on World Star Hip Hop.  Now, in defense of Mitt Romney, we can't assume that the people this guy who is doing the interviewing talked to were Romney's biggest and brightest supporters.  We just can't.  The video could have been edited in a particular fashion to put specific characteristics of his supporters on display.  That being said, I personally don't agree with the statement I just made because I consider myself fairly smart and, after watching the debates, CNN and Fox news, in addition to several articles online (from MSN to AJC), and video excerpts on Yahoo, MSN, and Youtube, I can't honestly say I know much about Romney's plan either.  If the interviewer would have caught me on camera, all I would have been able to say is that he's changing abortion and birth control, he's not endorsing the gay marriage movement and he doesn't have a 5 trillion dollar tax plan (he denied that several times in the debates). I also get the "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" and  "reduce government" vibe from him. Outside of that, it's been a little bit of an enigma to me; the details seem a bit scarce. I will say that he and his campaign did a VERY good job of pointing out Obama's "flaws" and what he didn't accomplish; they just didn't do a very good job of establishing in the minds of the people what his plan for the future is and what he would do differently outside of what I have mentioned above.  Honestly, Romney is trying to do to Obama what Obama did to McCain.  Obama painted McCain as "more of the same" after we had gotten done with Bush.  Romney is using that same "we don't want more of the same" platform.  It's actually a VERY good platform to run on considering how bad things have been for many people over the past 12 years... but his campaign forgot that the second reason Obama won was his message of change coupled with a plan he intended to execute.  (On a sidenote: I honestly blame all of the foolishness that occurred in congress as the number one cause of this nation's stunted development underneath President Obama... The President's wings were clipped... but that's another story.)  At any rate, watch the video.


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