Chocolate Babies (Terrible...)

Just read an article on CNN talking about how single black females are starting to adopt a whole lot more. I don't have any issues with this; its better for a child to have 1 good/qualified parent than no parent at all and being raised by the system. The problem I have is with the statements the doctor made. She said "I had a family who turned a baby down because it was too dark. They said the baby wouldn't look good in family photographs." Crazy, right? But it wasn't quite the thing that raised my eyebrows much... What got me is when she said that some adopting parents walk in and make statements like "I want a baby to look like a Snickers bar, not dark chocolate". And thas when the "I can't believe this..." came out of me. I could almost understand sayin that you dont find the kid attractive but are you SERIOUS?!? A Snickers bar?!? You're picking out a baby and comparing him/her to a SNACK?!? GET OUTTA HERE!!! But maybe I'm the only one who is a lil disturbed by that comment... Black people, we gotta do better... Or at least make up some other reason for turning the child down and pretend that we're are comfortable with the skin color most of our ancestors had (Read: Darkness).

And now to end with a famous quote from the most famous person who nobody knows about... This person, while slightly under the influence, said: "I like babies... And I like Chocolate... So yeah! I like chocolate babies!!!"

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