Why are they still arguing?!?

Saw this video on youtube today. And it made me think about this lil mess goin on between 50 and Rick Ross… My question is, if BIG and Pac were alive, would this beef matter?!?

It seems kinda silly to me. The majority already knows that most of the stories told over raps ain’t real noways. Most of the stories are limited to drugs, women, and money. The average nigga’s day is like what Soulja Boy is rappin (“Hop up out the beeeeeeddddd…” etc…) And lets just be honest, in this economy, the average cat that is downloadin the CD aint trafficking a whole lot of not one of them (read: we cant relate unless we’re imagining). Why can’t we just appreciate the art for what it is? How about respectin the nigga cause he can rhyme a lil bit? 50 clownin the fella; Callin Rick’s “Deeper than Rap” trash. And Rick is here talking bout how 50 runnin around ruining other niggas careers rather than letting another black man get his money (this is true, by the way…) I wont quite go as far as to blame 50 for the demise of hip hop in NY (the South is more responsible fro that), but I definitely think that the petty stuff needs to stop. By the way, how did this “beef” start again?!? I sure don’t remember….

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