Miami rapper robbed at the barbershop

Ok so... Being broke is makin people act real reckless. Watch the video.

These fellas just ran up in a barber shop and robbed the young fella while he was gettin a hair cut...

This is the Barber Shop man!!! This is the safe haven. The barbershop is like a live Oprah but for black men. Its our midweek checkup therapy sessions. Its where the black man goes to, not only get fresh for the ladies, but to also talk about all that stuff that... well... all of that stuff that we talk about in the barber shop. This was messed up on many different levels. When I become an even bigger star, I aint wearin all that stuff though. Carry enough cash to feed yourself and look flashy for photo shoots special events; that will be the rule. Interviews and other stuff like that will get the "This is nice, but not nice enough to get me robbed" treatment.

On a side note, peep the white cop at the end and language he uses... All Ima say is "When a rapper looses his bling"?!? Come on man...

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