To beat... or not to beat... (Please don't beat!)

Today I got asked a question... They said "Journeyman... Why all these guys gettin violent all of a sudden?!?" Im like "What are you talkin about?!?" They said that its been numerous cases of violence from guys who are gettin let go by their future ex girlfriends and the dudes are just snapping!!! Bleaching, stabbing, beating, shooting... The list goes on... Now, I hadnt heard of many of the cases that they were referring to but I have been seeing guys act real insecure lately...

Was in the mall the other day in the food court and seen these two girls talking to these two guys and all of a sudden this other dude comes outta NOWHERE and just yanks the hell outta this girl's arm and pulls her away like he was gonna take her around the corner and beat her! Now I don't know the whole story, but even still... I have more of an oldschool mentality that mainly consist of a lot of "F*** that s***" In other words, if the chick wanna be reckless like that, let her go. Since when did guys get so jealous and insecure like this to the point of making a scene in the mall?!? Why not walk up and introduce yourself and see how she react? That woulda been a lil more classy. The guy mighta found out that this was a relative or somethin. But no... You gotta be crazy.

I know what it is though...

It's the economy.

Thats right... The economy.

Why, you ask? Im blaming the economy because the economy is exposing the true character of every man who is breathing. Either you are gonna sink or you are gonna float. No longer can a lil guy "BS" his way through life, pretending to be a star by buying one pair of designer glasses and some Jordans. These women have peeped game and are choosing... Now that NOBODY has any money, the boys are gonna have to do more than look pretty with a dream. There's a pretty good chance if all you have is a d*ck and a myspace page with your six pack on it, you WILL be left alone. Sad part about it is that's about all a lot of these young guys got; so they do everything within their power to control the women they get... and when it gets to the point where they start loose their grip... they loose control.

On one side I say to the women: the same games cant be played like they use to. If the guy looses his job and takes a hit to his ego/manhood, the last thing he needs is for his woman to bounce on him too. And to the men: Son... man up. Its other women out there and if the one you want aint actin right and yall aint been together at least 2 years, introduce that broad to her replacement and let her walk the green mile. It aint worth it to beat her and get a record. And thats not to mention how much less of a man you are for puttin your hands on a women like that anyway... We not gone even speak on that...

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