Dating outside your tax bracket

This video below is terrible... I admit it... But it is also terribly funny... Its an old video from a few years ago. There was a website floating around back then which was showing all of the black male stars that were dating/married inter-racially that brought up this conversation. A few women in the office had a small problem with it. When I got home, I got out the camera and me and the homeboy had a conversation about it. And while I may have made a few good points, my mentality has slightly changed over the past couple years. You marry who you love because you love them; no other reason. It doesn't matter their color, shape, size or financial well being if the love is real (and that's a BIG if...).

What I can say is this: below the Mason Dixon line where slavery was a lil more prevalent, the culture is a lil different than that of most other areas. I'd imagine it's partially due to the lingering effects of past prejudices against african american people by the majority race. Most of us, both black and white, who were raised down south, were taught to "stick with your own kind". Cant say it was the best of advice because we can learn a lot from each other, but considering black men were getting beat half to death for looking a white woman too long under two generations ago, it seemed like a good idea not to date them. Im pretty sure the famous boxer Jack Johnson would cosign the notion that dating outside of the race back in the day wasn't necessarily the best thing to do if you wanted to continue your career (he was arrested for taking a white woman across state lines to do what grown-ups do. I think he later married the woman if Im not mistaken). If you just so happen to marry someone of a different ethnicity because you cant get any love from your own people, or you're in different circle due to your career, or that's just what you're attracted to, DO YOU!!! And don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise. Love has no face.

In certain parts of the hood you will still hear black mothers telling their sons "don't you bring no white woman home!!!" And Im pretty sure, in homes in the back woods of the south, you still have some white fathers telling their daughters not to date a "n*gger". (Please believe there are parts of Mississippi and South Carolina that you better not stroll through alone at night.) Depending on how old you are, your grandparents may have their (VERY SERIOUS) gripes about your relationships but they will be just fine.

The question is... can you blame a black woman for being upset if the story goes: date hoodrat black woman; date classy black woman and have baby; hit millionaire status; marry hoodrat white woman and make her sign a prenupt... ?!? I don't know... But if it's real, and the black women in the life of the black male "star" are just messing up, and he cant find a good woman in his tax bracket, you cant hate on love. Whatever works, just let it be.

At any rate, watch the video. Im done rambling.

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