Integrity within yourself

Integrity... More powerful than a locomotive... and yet few choose to embrace it and harness its true power. This won't be a long post at all but it will have a powerful message it.

A friend of mine went to one of those "life coach" seminars and when they came back they had a lil bit of advice to share with me. They said that sometimes the issue that you have with other people is actually an issue that you have within yourself. Prime example: Integrity. I have a problem with people who don't seem to have a high level of integrity. People with low levels of integrity are NOTORIOUS for not keeping their word, lying and/or not telling the WHOLE truth, selling dreams (aka making empty promises), being deceitful (example: leading someone into a false assumption and not correcting them), etc. Now, those of you who know me know that I try my best not to do ANY of those things, especially not on a consistent basis. I ALWAYS try keep my word to EVERYONE... except myself. You see, if I was true to myself, the people who DO have a problem being real wouldn't even be around me. They wouldn't be in my life to lie or deceive or make empty promises; especially not more than once. Do you understand?

I'll give you an example: a woman who says that she's tired of dealing with a man who puts everyone and everything else before her. She argues, fusses, and fights with him over the fact that he doesn't spend enough time with her. He apologizes and swears that he will do better, but within a few days, he's right back up to his same antics and she's mad again. Rinse and repeat. If she had a high level of integrity within herself, once she recognized a particular bad trait, said "I don't like (insert whatever pisses you off here)", and recognized (after a giving them time to do better) that they weren't going to change, she would have left that bad situation alone and begin searching again for friendships/relationships that don't posses the traits that she hates.

But no.

Her integrity is low, so she deals with it, calls it love/destiny, and he hurts her over and over again. Eventually she becomes damaged to the point where she utters those famous words "N*ggas aint sh*t" and sinks into a level of bitterness or defensiveness that only God Himself can break her out of. This scenario happens to some women. When it does, they often begin to exhibit the traits of the person who hurt them - becoming unreliable and dishonest. This leads to them hurting guys... who leave them and hurt girls... who leave and hurt other guys... who leave and hurt other girls... Rinse and repeat.

This horrible cycle goes on until God, or someone God sent comes along who is patient (or foolish), enough to deal with the broken pieces of the heart within the individual they are in a relationship with.

Where am I, you ask? I am asking God to put the right people around me who can handle the simple things I listed above and remove the people who cant get it right. And while many say that everyone deserves a second chance... It would be foolish to continue to think that way after chance number 8.

So examine yourself tonight. See what it is that needs work in your life after doing a lil introspection and begin making a conscious effort to work on it. Remember: No one is perfect...

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