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Today, I had an epiphany... I'm going to give you a lil advice: When God places people in your life, you'll know it. You'll know it because that person will come in and fit into your life like a puzzle piece; a puzzle piece that is gradually grafted in by God himself. A person sent by God will never be a distraction from God, but is often used as an asset to bring a deeper relationship and understanding of God.

Our entire life involves interaction with other human beings. Quite often I have fussed and fought over opportunities, friendships, situations and relationships that were sinking ships well before the boat even touched water. Not understanding that everything that didn't go right, didn't go right for a reason. There was a reason for each and every failure; every struggle. There was a reason for each and every disappointment. That reason was to mature me and get me to a point within myself where I can recognize the type of people that needed to be eradicated from my life and the people who I needed to hold onto very tightly. Once you figure that out, you have to let the dead weight go. Holding on to dead weight will only slow down your forward progress. If you need to forgive, do it. Do it and let God move them out of the way so that you can have room for the people who are to be a blessing in your life.

God needs to be the common denominator in every decision that is made.

Every single person in your life should be held to that standard. Examine your friends next time you're around them. Who brings the best out of you and who are the people who seem to pull you down and away from God with pity party conversations or self hatred, negative talk, depressed mentalities, lustful conversation, etc.? If someone is completely consuming your every thought, distracting you with foolishness/drama, leading you into a path of degradation, continually causing you problems or heartache or headaches, it might be time to let them go. No matter how long you all have been friends, I don't personally feel that God will bring anyone into your life who will pull you away from Him. God is not an author of confusion and, while He may allow crazy people to pass through to teach you a lesson, those people must vanish when the lesson is over. Know this: In the end, the result is always a stronger faith in God.

PS: Give people their flowers while they can smell them. In other words, let people know you appreciate them and how much they mean to you while they're still alive. You never know when you may be seeing someone for the very last time.

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