Laws of Attraction

I remember coming across an article on yahoo a while back and it was talkin about what men and women find attractive in each other based on scientific studies. Now, I always have had my own interpretation of why and how women choose up and stuff like that but this article was very close to being slightly ridiculous. If I remember correctly, it said that women found men with more masculine facial characteristics to be great for short term relationships but men with more feminine characteristics such as larger lips and more rounded jaw bones where better targets for long term relationships. In the same breath it went on to say that the more masculine men were the choice for majority of the women to "mate" with because of the thought that they would have stronger jeans. So let me get this straight, get pregnant by Walker Texas Ranger and spend the rest of your time, after he gets done, looking for a male version of Martha Stuart to take care of you and somebody else's kids? I cant say that's cool... but that's what the studies say.

I went on to visit another website that deals with the same topic and this site took it a little further and went on to say that its about a person's genes moreso than what that person looks like. It even went on to talk about how a person is gonna be attracted to another person by their smell and also the by the amount their immune system differs. The idea is to find someone who has an immune system much different from yours in order to insure that your kid has the greatest chance for survival. Yeah..... All this stuff is basically happening without us even knowing its happening. I can only describe it as the reason a person may still be attached to somebody who treats them like dirt and they cant seem to leave them alone. Its either the immune system... or the (Insert sexual organ here).

The article did have some other points that I did agree with. For example, it talked about how the words we say don't really mean anything. You can beg, and beg, and beg but if they dont want you, they dont want you. Most of the communication is in the body language of the individual. Imitation is the greatest indicator of admiration. If that person mirrors your actions, more than likely they enjoy you as a person on some level; otherwise, they wouldn't act like you. It also went on to talk about how we usually want someone who looks and/or act like us, our parents or our siblings because that's what we grew up seeing. I thought it was crazy at first, then I thought about most of the women I had been in relationships with....

The last thing that stuck out in my mind was the fact that people are attracted to people who are symmetrical. Identifying symmetrical features as someone having good genes and someone who has asymmetrical features as a person who probably has weak genes or some "defects".

I cant say I co-sign everything in these articles but if they are true, it would explain some of my unexplainable episodes with certain females. It would also explain why its important for families to be just that - families; with both mother and father in the home. Otherwise, the child may not have a point of reference when looking for a potential mate. I don't know though. Being attracted to a mate by smell is a crazy thought and that whole immune system thing was just bananas. But, who knows, it could be true....

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