The Ice Cream Mane... GUCCI!!! BURR!!!

I have no words to speak on how foolish this is. This fella, Gucci Mane, has done about the dumbest thing I have EVER seen any rapper do! I mean, I understand getting tattoos, I might even give you a pass on getting the tattoo put on your face, but an ICE CREAM CONE on your face?! How about a ice cube? An icicle? A snow ball? ANYTHING that doesn't look as childish as 3 scoops of Baskin Robbins on your face!!! And he got this to CELEBRATE being RELEASED from the psychiatric ward?!

That's quite a way to prove the general public that you have been rehabbed...

If you wanted attention, Gucci, you got it. Meanwhile... On the bright side of things, I'm sure this helps the insanity plea look real AND ice cream IS delicious. Lol!

Secretly I'm hoping that this is a fake, digitally edited photo that will be forgotten about in the near future.

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