Satisfying the Insatiable

As I walked in my office today, I was greeted by someone who I use to frequently talk to. He hit me with the "Man... we gotta do SOMETHIN!" I kind of knew where the conversation was going... I made light of it and keep it moving. As I ran up the stairs, it dawned on me: until you're happy within yourself, no amount of growth/blessing/success will ever satisfy you. As soon as you reach the level that you think will make you happy, you'll just want more. A negative outlook on life will serve as a locus that will eat away at time that you SHOULD be enjoying.

This man tried for YEARS to get this particular position within the company. He went to school, finished and began doing excellent in the job that he had before his promotion. The company then gave him a shot at this new position that he had desired for so long. A year hasn't passed yet and we're right back where we were: complaining with a hint of frustration from being unsatisfied with his current state.

Please note that I am by no means saying wallow at the bottom of the barrel and never attempt to strive for more. This post isn't about stifling your dreams and settling for mediocrity; it's about learning to have a positive and appreciative attitude and disposition WHEREVER you are so that your level of joy is not determined by the quality of your circumstances. There may be quite a few things that don't go according to your plan, but you must make a decision to NEVER let those disappointments lower the quality of your day to day life.

Happiness is a gift. It is a gift that many choose to forfeit by paying so much attention to the small things that aren't quite going perfectly. If you find life difficult and/or unfullfilling, take a few seconds every night to strictly reflect on everything that DID go right that day. Make room for happiness in your life by reducing the time spent focusing on disappointments. Or like the old William DeVaughn song says: "Just be thankful for what you've got".

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