Your appearance matters

Below is a conversation that we had in the car on the way home one night a while ago. The conversation focuses on females who put their bodies on display to attract men. While appealing to the eyes, no man will take a girl who consistently dresses like a harlot to meet his mother and father. Different types of dress will get different types of attention from different types (read: varying qualities) of men. Women know how to be classy, fully clothed, and tastefully sexy - girls do not. Me personally? I prefer a woman with class and the mental capacity to understand that sex appeal is temporary - a good heart can last forever. If the person's heart isn't right, sex appeal becomes null and void the moment a you realize that the rest of what makes up the person is unbearable. At any rate, peep the video, understand the point we are trying to make, and excuse the brash language; we didn't use much tact while delivering this message.

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