The "Backburner" Person

So I'm finally posting this video that we recorded in the first part of the year (hence the jackets that we're wearing). Me and one of my female friends had previously held a conversation about how today's society makes it quite difficult to date one person at a time. This is mainly because our generation has SO many options - from people we meet during daily interactions to the 50 million different social networks and dating sites that are offered. As a result, if you choose NOT to serial date, you run the risk of falling hard for someone you think is "The One" while you are only a possible option out of many options for them. We've all been victim of this behavior. You like them; they kinda like you... I personally don't like serial dating because somebody always gets hurt... and the LAST thing this society needs is more hurt people hurting people. Peep the video.

My advice: Don't lead someone on by putting them on the back burner until you make up your mind - put them in the "friend zone" and, for your sake, maybe they'll still be there if you choose them 6 months later. In fact, just don't go out with people you don't really like; its a waste of time, energy and money. The next part of the video will probably be posted shortly.

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