Cured of Tourettes Syndrome

This was amazing. Don't ask me why I got the sudden urge to look into tourettes syndrome. I don't have it and I don't know anybody with it, but I found this success story truly remarkable. What really caught my attention was when he began talking about how hopeless he felt about life while he was dealing with his muscle tics and was even pessimistic about the treatment that he was about to get. He followed that statement with the fact that he now has great aspirations, high hopes, and lofty goals. He said he feels something like an infant with so many things to explore and not enough time in the day. It touched me a lil bit after thinking about the time we waste doing frivolous things and the moments where we start to feel bad about ourselves or become depressed when really we have so much to be thankful for and so much that we can achieve if we just take a moment to rid ourselves of doubt and choose instead to focus. At any rate, peep the video.

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