Sand Castles

I sat down and watched this lil video on yahoo and, at the very end, one of the fellas said something that caught my attention. He said "Its a dream job!" Then he kinda chuckled - seemingly coming from the simple joy he gets from sculpting sand for a living... First question: How can this be a job? You're in a public place, on a beach, doing a form of art that cant be sold in many places - art that only last as long as the weather holds up and free running kids dont accidently tackle your masterpiece. Moving on to our second question: How can I apply? I promise this would be an awesome job! You have a PAID excuse to be at a hotel on a beach all the time making art with sand. Setting your own hours + sand castles + enough money to live comfortably = win.

On another note, it sounds like these guys were pretty successful financially before they started this venture. I imagine that "old" money is being used to help them make new money and allowing them to live out their dreams now. I applaud them and their good works.

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