Sex Changes For Kids

You know what.... If you dont see a problem with THIS... you have a problem. Why on God's green earth would you allow a 8 year old to get a sex change?!? This just upsets me. A lot of a kid's identity, ideals, and mentalities are formed by their surroundings. It's a parent's job to build that kid and try to prepare them for this crazy world until they are mature enough to make major decisions on their own, not to let the kid dictate to the parents what they want before they can even talk good. Kids walk around and claim to be dogs, cats, kangaroos, and dinasours, but everybody knows you don't give them pet food; you make them eat their vegetables until they get old enough to cook for themselves. They might growl and walk around on all fours - even bite things - but you still make them walk up right and correct them when its time to go out of the house.

Why is it ok that an 18 month old girl can say "I a boy" and her parents immediately take it and run with it? Where I come from, that kid would have gotten told that they were a girl, based on their anatomy; not given hormones before they could even form a good sentence. What they decide to do with their anatomy once they have formulated an identity of their own as a mature adult is on them.

Im just sitting here thinking... Most GROWN people aint even figured out exactly who or what they want to be... and Im talking about the 25+ crowd! Children are like sponges when they are young; they soak up what they see and emulate it. To perform a permanently life altering procedure on a kid is absolutely ridiculous. I promise this "anything goes" mentality that these parents have won't end well. What if the kid changes their mind later? Why are doctors even allowed to do this to a minor? What the hell are MY future kids gonna do when trying to find a mate if they cant tell if the person they like was born with a dick or not, even if they grew up with them? I have no more words for this.

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