The Boys Club.

About ME: Imma 20 something year old woman that loves inspirational moments AND more…. I’ve recently decided to share with the world the different adventures I go on daily with the infamous “crew” this blog I will appropriately call… The Boys Club

So recently I had the opportunity to "kick it" with the fellas... It was an interesting night to say the least... I always find myself surrounded by alll guys! Which to me is not a bad thing considering I always feel protected... I will more than likely have a dance partner or two ... although I will defiantly hear more dirty observations than I want to and there really is no need to share examples because quite frankly they are do you say DISGUSTING! But anywho …They always feel the need to inform me about females that make their.... hmmmm... "life worth living" ( I put it in poetic terms)....Their individual love stories /sexcapades always provide me with a good laugh...The funny thing is I still feel like I know very little about men when it comes to dating... I would love to say by hanging out with the fellas I've learned all there was to know about men....but at this point in my endless journey I really don't see a difference between men and women...I mean hey they look at pinkie toes and teeth to judge a woman..the same way a woman will look at merchandise to judge a man.... Same difference right? In this generation it’s all about appearances.. plus both genders at this age are pretty superficial .... really having no clear justification behind what we like or why we like what we like....I mean come on...what does a nice pair of shoes or a pinkie toe really have to do with how much an individual will love and care for you? The answer would be.... absolutely positively nothing! We are all guilty of searching for love in all the wrong spaces.. trying to find the perfect person based on appearances …Trying to make the man with the nice car" the one "despite the way he may treat you...Or A man trying to make the woman with all the right curves “the one” despite her inability to love anyone but herself.. We will willing ignore the characteristics that will end up breaking our hearts to have what will look good on the outside..It seems having “something” to show your friends (like a nice backside or a nice automobile) has become more important than truelove itself…. no wonder why we are ALLL so heartbroken! Instead of taking our time and falling in love with a person for all the right reasons… we fall in love in an instant for all the wrong reasons…Having the childlike mentality that we want it now and we want it our way…But hey there's a bright side...we won't be 20 something forever so hopefully we've learned our lessons by the time we hit 30... Well as for me kids I’m taking a time out on finding Mr. Right…I’m learning a lot about love by sitting back and enjoying the show….In the meantime I'm completely satisfied simply... being one of the guys!

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