Gemstones - Drinking at 18.... Legally

So there is this law thats coming into question... Its about the legal drinking age. On one side, you have the people who believe in what I call the cookie jar syndrome. This is when, for example, you tell a kid not to stick their hand in the cookie jar and, as a result, they immediately become curious as to why not and decide that the cookie jar is the most important and phenomenal thing to ever happen to them in their life; but if the cookie jar is ignored all together and quietly placed on the counter, right next to the flower pot, they'll probably ignore it. In other words, they feel that by lowering the age and giving a younger crowd access to alcohol, they would be able to get teen drinking under control.

On the flip side, you have people asking the more logical question: "Why open the floodgates?" With something like alcohol, where so many lives are lost do to drunk driving, I think the last thing that should be done is to give open access to young people who are probably very in experienced drivers. Big mistake. We got enough cases of reckless teen driving when they are sober! Let them be creative and use their imaginations to find ways to get alcohol. Truth be told... this sounds like a case of someone in power who's kid has gotten in trouble with the law one too many times from underage drinking. Why would a responsible adult bring that up if that isnt the case?!? Suspect...

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