Love and a Bus Pass

So I was posed this question the other day by a friend... He asked: "Whatever happened to loving the fella wit a bus pass?" And while he was probably joking, as he often is, I started to think... Where IS the love?

Traditionally, if you were raised that way, men are supposed to be the provider and women are supposed to bring the emotional stability to the family. With this mentality, to a degree, I understand a woman looking at a man and using his outer appearance to access whether or not he will be a good provider... To a degree... But on the flip side of the situation, this same woman has to be able to bring somethin to the table besides her physical appearance. You can't just "be there". Unfortunately, I'm running into a lot of "be there" type of females. And on top of that, they wanna be there when its convenient for them and only when the times are good. My question is, why is it ok for a woman to come into a relationship with nothing but the inability to cook, the unwillingness to clean, a booty, a pair of tits and, more than likely, a kid, but a brotha gotta have all his I's dotted and all of his T's crossed? I am by no means advocating for a woman to take care of a sorry or lazy man, but am I wrong for sayin it needs to be more of a balance?

-The Man in Black


  1. There's a quote by the late great Tupac that says..."real niggas do what they want, and b**ch niggas do what they can."....Your question only applies to boys who let women dictate the circumstances of their involvement.

    Your game should be tight enough that your bus card isn't enough to keep you from "pullin" the women you want to "pull". If you see a double standard, it's only because you're allowing it to happen.

    --The REAL Man in Black

  2. I see what you're sayin but I aint talkin about what is being "allowed" to happen. Im talking about what women "expect" to happen. Its on you if you let a them get over. By the way, I don't know if I like how you callin yourself the REAL man in black tho... Mr. "Anonymous" Lol. Read my "Posted by" name.