For better or for worse...

So I'm looking at this article and its talking about how these top 400 people have to deal with the devastating readjustment of gaining only 2 percent profit verses their usual double digit yearly profit. It goes on to describe how that 2% equates to about $30 million aka "enough to provide 500 school teacher jobs at $60k per year". This writer from the Huffington post goes down the list to describe the many things that this 2% increase, which was a poor year for them, could take care of and some of it is astonishing. Please read it.

Here's another article from yahoo talking about the income gap. And while it looks at things from a slightly different point of view, the bottom line is still the same: poor people are going further into the negative and the rich people are still getting paid. It speaks on the unemployed... but what the average person isn't considering is the underemployed who have a job but still can't make ends meet... Nor are they talking about the discouraged labor force; those who are able bodied and of a good working age but have quit looking because of continued disappointment. Those numbers aren't included in that "Unemployment" rate.

My conclusion: something has got to change... and I ain't talking about "Obama" change. I'm speaking of change in the system that runs America over all. Welfare doesn't encourage people to become employed. Middle class is becoming a thing of the past as inflation is increasing at a much faster pace than the salaries of the average person. The "poor" are getting poorer and an "underclass" is developing. The "underclass" are people who can't afford to survive or get the education to gain access the better opportunities and have to get by on the mentality of "by any means necessary" aka "Your door is being kicked in on a Tuesday afternoon and they are robbing you for 5 dollars and a pack a cigarettes."

And no I'm not promoting what some consider "Socialism", I'm just pointing out that what is currently in place ain't working... "Share" is real easy to say but, realistically speaking, not one of those 400 will voluntarily dramatically reduce their standard of living for the sake of some strangers who they probably consider lazy. There is no incentive and people just aren't "nice" like that anymore. You will die of starvation before you get a handout.

But maybe I'm just rambling and overreacting....

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