Gemstones - Fighting Crime

Saw this raw footage and I asked myself a question... The question is: What would I have done if I was the cop? The cop on the video swung back at the girl who jumped on him while he was trying to take the other young lady into custody. This looks wrong for two reasons: 1) He was a "He" and she was a "She" and 2) He was white and she was black. If you disregard those (which I know will be hard for most) AND take into account the fact that his team members were slow as molasses to get up and assist him, and replace this cop with a black or hispanic female cop, what would have been the best way to respond? What should have been his correct course of action? Does the cop just take a beating in the face while trying to hold onto the person he or she is trying to arrest? Does the cop let the suspect go to grab a stun gun or something to defend himself or run? How would you have handled the situation if you were put into his position; when swinging back at the young lady is the wrong decision on so many levels? Many times we bring up race and gender up in situations (most times, justifiably so) but this is one time it crossed my mind to look at it completely objectively... What do you think?

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