Sitting here reading and noticed this article. And while most of the information in the article is just more of the same information about falling wages and stuff like that, the sentence that got my attention was the following:
Over the past two years, the wages of the typical black male full-time worker fell, but wages rose 7.3% for black women.
Now, Im all for black women coming up. Im an advocate for women of all colors improving their finances. The problem I have is that I have been noticing a mentality that further delves into the "we don't need the black man" mindset. Its starting to become more and more prevalent and this statement seems to provide more support to the notion that we are becoming what these young girls are deeming expendable; becoming more of a liability than an asset. Choosing to love anybody else before "putting up with our mess". I don't really know how or what to feel about this. Should we be concerned? Will our black women stick by us "in sickness and in health... for richer or poorer... to death due us part?!?" I dont know...

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